High quality of our product is based on full control over technology – from sowing seeds, through the selection and training of farmers, supervision over plantations and harvest, up to advanced multistage cleaning and packing at our premises.

Since the mid 1990’s our company has delivered hundreds of tons of black psyllium a year. Most of that time we have ranked as leading quantity and quality
producer of this herb in Poland as well as in Europe.


Such a long period of time enabled us to develop unique technology:

  • purity over 99%
  • unique technology of harvest without pesticides
  • exceptionally low sand content, which constitutes basic problem in this raw material
  • Very thorough German tests for the remains of over 400 pesticides do not reveal the trace of even one pesticide in our product (for comparison, in vegetables and fruit, also in other herbs the same testing centres do find between 10 and 20 substances which can be classified as pesticides remains).
  • multistage cleaning on our new cleaning line Westrup