In the mid 1980’s young entrepreneur, Marek Lewandowski, decided to supply herbs to pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers. Today Marek Lewandowski together with two sons Marcin and Lucas as well as three dozen associates create an efficient team which delivers raw materials and herbal components for leading pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic companies of our globe. Building the position on the market through the highest quality of offered products involves continual infrastructure growth. For nearly 30 years of its functioning our company is partly a building site and a construction plant. It has led to an emergence of a company which can boast large warehouse base and modern production halls with dedicated machines unique worldwide. The development of infrastructure and ongoing improvement of technology goes together with the investment in
human capital through the selection of best employees as well as training.



Wholesale of raw material and herbal components.


Controlled cultivation, close supervision over production and technology – from your demand, through sowing seeds, selection and
training of farmers, control over plantations and harvest, to advanced multistage cleaning and packing in our company. We never stop verifying and perfecting our actions because there is always something we can do better.

Why order in our company?

Ingredients for your products have to have a well-documented origin. Quality control rejects the products coming from unknown source or ones which have been manufactured in a wrong way or in improper conditions. Nowadays herbs have to comply with many norms and standards. We know them and see to them being followed. Full set of quality control certificates for one batch might cost even a few thousand Euros but our company will provide them for you when producing large batches of raw material.
At the same time because we produce large scale, typically 100 tons of single product, we can offer competitive prices. We offer quality from value to premium. Our machines and technologies will enable you to gain market advantage over your competition.